Expert Witness

Dr. Martin Giniger offers highly experienced expert witness service for litigation case evaluation and dental expert testimony. Included in these services are NAD Claims Evaluation, Dental Product Safety, Dental Records Review and Case Validity Opinions.

Dr. Giniger is a world renowned dentist, with a PhD in Chemistry and he has specialty training in the field of Oral Medicine. Furthermore, his years of working for the world’s largest oral care companies and universities, as well as his expertise in formulating oral care products gives him unique qualifications that typically can trump any expert brought by opposing counsel. Dr. Giniger has never been on the losing side of any matter he has been involved in.


  • Dental Standards of Care
  • NAD Claims Validation
  • Teeth Whitening and Oral Health Products
  • Dental Records Analysis
  • Evaluation for Dental or Medical Necessity and Appropriateness of
  • Preparation of Expert Witness Reports
  • Deposition and Courtroom Testimony

Recently (2011 – 2013) Dr. Giniger has served as the lead expert witness for the U.S. Federal Trade Commission in the matter of the United States of America versus the North Carolina State Board of Dentisty. This is a matter where organized dentistry sought to exclude non-dentist teeth bleaching options from the citizens of North Carolina.

Dr. Giniger’s expert witness report and week-Long testimony was the key to the United States prevailing in this important CONSUMER RIGHTS matter and just recently, the case was successfully defended in the United States Court Of Appeals for The Fourth Circuit. Dr. Giniger is now actively involved in similar matters involving the both the Alabama and Connecticut State Dental Boards and consumer rights.